Hello Art Along the Rogue Street Painters!

It's that time to start thinking about Oregon's premiere street painting festival, Art Along the Rogue Street Painting and Music Festival held October 7th and 8th, 2017 on H Street in downtown Grants Pass.

Download a Street Painters Application.

Our theme this year is "Let's Face It". The goal behind the theme is to express the power of emotions as seen through the human face. Expressions speak louder than words and the human face can tell so many stories without saying anything. We want to capture and convey those emotions through art. We welcome other interpretations of what “Let’s Face It” means as well, such as “facing” a life experience. Whatever it may be, we look forward to seeing your illustrations, whether they be from a classic piece of art or your own illustration.

Because this is a temporary art media, there are no copyright infringement issues. Our theme is a suggestion, but is not a requirement. If you have any questions about the theme, please call us at 541-450-6180.

Also, if you know someone that you think would like to become a street painter, please forward this email to them. Remember we only have 40 spaces so please get your application in early.

We look forward to seeing you chalking at Art Along the Rogue this year!
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